Content/ Implementation

At Our Place Short Breaks we pride ourselves on the fact that each person that attends the provision is provided with the individual experience and the offered activities are representative of this. We aim for our sessions to be inclusive of all needs and the flexibility of our approach consistently helps us in the achievement of positive outcomes.

We understand at Our provision that we will be acting within the wider network of professionals associated with a child/ young person’s life. We will openly work collaboratively with all professionals that have input to the individuals’ life and work to implement consistent strategies and approaches across the board. Information of all professionals involved will be available within the Short Breaks Care Plan as required by the ‘Short Breaks Statutory guidance on how to safeguard and promote the welfare of disabled children using short breaks.’

A percentage of the young people that attend Our Place Shortbreaks will be eligible for our new Duke of Edinburgh award Scheme. We are teaming up with the DofE to ensure that more young people with Sen have the opportunity to take part in this programme. We have a dedicated DofE coordinator for the programme and we will be working towards obtaining the Bronze award certification.