Our children are admitted in line with our criteria for admissions which are young people with special education needs as a result of severe learning disability combined with challenging behaviour. We also cater for a wide range of complex health conditions and dietary requirements.

Initial enquiries and referrals are accepted from parents/carers as well as Local Authority.

Enquiries and referrals are welcomed all year round.

Initially please contact us on contactus@ourplacegroup.com or call 01886833378

Our Place Group will request basic information (which must include a copy of the most recent EHCP) about the young person and, at this point, information about the school and care provision will be provided.

If the referral documentation indicates that a young person’s needs could be met by Our Place, the relevant Head of Department and Resident Director will respond to parents/carers and the Local Authority as required, e.g. asking for the completion of an expression of interest form, consultation form or otherwise respond confirming a full assessment of the young person’s needs will be undertaken, as well as inviting the young person representatives for a visit to school/home.

Following a full assessment, if Our Place consider a suitable placement and an official request to place is received, Our Place will arrange to send two representatives to visit the young person in their own setting. This assessment visit will identify that the initial information received is still current and establish the appropriate level of funding. Our Place makes no charge for this assessment visit.

When these stages have been accomplished, the suitability and availability of placement has been established and the funding issues resolved, Our Place will make an official placement offer to the lead agency requesting placement.

Once an offer of placement is made and accepted, parents and carers will be kept in close contact. Parents and Carers will receive newsletters and be invited to social and training functions as they arise.