We understand it is only natural for you to have lots of questions you want answered when looking for a potential home/school. Based on our many years of experience hopefully you will find the answers you are looking for below… if not please contact us and we will do our up most to help you further

There are several ways you can contact us here at Our Place.

All contact details can be found on the contact page of this website. Alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form which can be accessed from the main contact page or from the school/home page that you are interested in. All enquiries will be handled in confidence.

Every effort will be made by our home teams to maintain the parent/child or young person relationship.
We welcome regular letters/emails and photos from family so that we can keep our young people up to date with what is happening at home.

All parents, Social Workers and carers will be kept up to date with their child or young person’s progress through monthly reports. The report starts with a general overview of activity and progress for the month and goes on to provide further detail on aspects such as interaction with staff and other children, educational achievements, external visits, behaviour and incidents.

You will be able to maintain contact with your child or young person through calls, personal visits and virtual calls from a computer.

Parents also receive regular letters home from their child or young person and the Key Worker and from time to time you may get a postcard with a special message when you child has done something exceptional.

Your child’s key worker and teacher will be available for phone calls at times convenient to both sides, and protected time can be made available for parents to speak to their child.

Regular days out and excursions form an important part of scheduled activity at Our Place.

We encourage the children to interact with the general public on supervised visits to local places of interest, visitor centres, tourist attractions as well as shops and cafes. They may also experience travel on public transport.

We have excellent relationships with members of the local community who help to make outside activity a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all of our young people.

Our home has been individually converted to make it suitable for the provision of care whilst maintaining a homely feel. We are very fortunate to have extensive grounds that surround our home enabling our young people to get out into the fresh air.

All of our bedrooms are personalised to the needs and preferences of the young person and provide a comforting and private environment, most of them also offer a private en-suite.

For day to day activity, our homes offer dining room space, living rooms, and there is a variety of equipment provided to suit differing relaxation styles – T.V, CD and DVD players and a Wii for fun and games.

We can also offer the use of sensory rooms, craft areas and quiet/relaxation space.

We ask you to sign an emergency medical treatment form on admission which gives our trained staff the responsibility to treat your child in case of an emergency.

In the case of a medical emergency, this could be in the form of first aid, administering of emergency medication, calling out a GP or, if necessary, admitting them to hospital. Depending on the type of incident / accident you will be informed at the most appropriate time according to your child’s contract management plan which is agreed at time of placement.

Every such incident is fully recorded and logged.

This is a candid question we are asked many times by parents and guardians.

‘Potential’ is a relative term; however our burning desire is to give the children in our care as fulfilling and happy a life as we can within the constraints of their special needs. Among other things, this means integration with the outside world, taking part in activities in which other young people of their age would partake and nurturing their interest in national events such as sport and news.

We have excellent relationships with members of the local community who help to make outside activity a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all of our young people.

We can provide testimonials from parents, guardians and social workers to indicate the progress that has been achieved and continues to be achieved with young people who have been or are still in our care.

We have delivered some notable outcomes and believe that this is a result of our open approach and recognition that each child is unique and has to be treated according to their individual needs and preferences.

We welcome visits from prospective parents or guardians. You’ll notice from the first time you step across our door what a friendly and welcoming home/school we provide.

You will be given a tour of the facilities and we encourage you to talk to as many members of staff as you wish.

To arrange a visit please contact us here

Yes, please do contact the relevant home/school you are interested in directly. They will discuss the reason for your visit with you and arrange a suitable date for you to visit the school/home, where you will be able to meet staff and students/residents

Email us at contactus@ourplacegroup.com or call us on 01886833378 you can also find our complaints policy here

If there are any questions you have that are not answered above you can call our Support Team on 01886833378.

All correspondence with be handled in confidence.