Half Term is Around the Corner

new Home Coming Soon

It feels like Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago, yet here we are preparing for our Spring Mid Term. We’ve had a busy few weeks and we are sure some of the wonderful team here at Our Place Group will be ready for a few days away. However, not everything stops here/ Many of our team will continue to provide support.

A Home to Call Your Own

We have exciting news coming right around the corner, which involves the launch of a brand-new home, which is opening soon. We can’t give any more details right now. We’re all very excited and working hard to ensure the new home meets the same standards as found at Lakeside.

Lakeside provides homes to our wonderful young people. Everyone is about to decorate their room however they want. We also invite them to have a say in how the communal areas are decorated and what activities take place throughout the year.

Want to learn more? Have a read of the prospectus, here.