5 Stars for Our Place Group

5 star food hygiene rating Our Place Group

It’s vital to make sure everyone is working towards high standards and in full compliance with the food hygiene law at all times. Last week we had a visit from the Food Safety Officer from the local authority. They came to Our Place and conducted an inspection to check our hygiene standards.

We’re delighted to share the news with you that we received 5 Stars. This rating is the highest possible score anyone can receive and shows that our hygiene standards are classed as ‘very good’. This is fantastic for our team. They all work hard to ensure our kitchens are cleaned to a high standard and food safety managed impecibly. It also lets all our young people, their parents, and carers rest assured that all food and hygiene standards comply with the law.

Food Handling, Storage, Cleanliness and Safety

The inspection checks for compliance in many different areas, including how the food is handled and stored, how food is prepared on the premises. Additional checks include the cleanliness of the facilities here at Our Place and how food safety is managed within the business.

We work to high standards in all departments. It’s always good to be able to share great feedback with you. We would like to thank our team here at Our Place Group. Everyone works hard to maintain such exacting standards. The hard work is rewarded, congratulations for hitting the top of the scale in this latest inspection. Keep up the great work!

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