3 Things We Love About Autumn

Autumn Our Place Group

One of the many things we love about Our Place Group is our stunning location. We are surrounded by stunning nature that helps us to make the most out of every season. Autumn has now officially arrived and it’s a season that brings so much joy and fun. Here are three things we love about Autumn at Our Place Group.

The New School Year

Welcoming our young people back from their summer holidays is always amazing. It’s a time to reconnect and continue learning and growing together.

The Falling Leaves

With so many falling leaves it’s impossible not to admire their beauty. We love to gather fallen leaves and use them in our work.

Welcoming New Faces

The new school year means fresh faces. We are always excited to meet new people and make new friends. We have new colleagues who have joined our team and we look forward to ensuring everyone gets to know each other.

Autumn is such a wonderful time, what are your favourite things about this season? We are growing the Our Place Group family. Are you looking for a new career or opportunity? Please explore our current vacancies and apply online.